Valentines week 2019

So, Valentines week 2019 is around the corner and every lover and partner are ready to celebrate this festival. Because of this festival Partner can express their feelings and express their affection to boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or it may be your best friend. Valentines Week List 2019 Starts on Feb 7 with rose day and ends on 14th Feb as Valentine’s day 2019. So it’s Valentine day 2019 which starts from Feb 7 to Feb 14. Loved one wait for this event throughout the year and wait to express their feelings, Whether they are Proposing the first time or whether they are in partners for many years.

On this Valentine week 2019, Couples start there planning in January and there are so many ideas and planning comes in there mind how to celebrate this festival on the valentine week 2019. Couples exchange gifts, Kiss, Proposes each other and give roses to each one. Valentines week 2019 is celebrated 8 days from Feb 7. As the valentines week 2019 celebrated the whole month.

But in my opinion, You can express your love to your partner on any day of the year. There is no waiting of valentines day 2019 Because love can happen anytime, anywhere, any day. Love your partner as much as you can. So sometimes don’t wait for a valentines week 2019 to come just go and express your love and show her/him that how much you love her/him. Valentines Week List 2019

But first, go and check the Valentine week images which we have created. You can easily download and share this image with your lover or friends. Below this image, you will find the full schedule of Valentines Week 2019 and after that, you can read about various days of Valentines Week 2019. List of Valentine week, Valentine Day List 2019.

Valentines week 2019
Valentines week 2019

On this Valentines Week List 2019, it will be surprising for all the new and old couples out there. Every couple will plan something on this Valentines week 2019 and impress there partner on this valentine day 2019. As I told you that valentines week 2019 is celebrated after 14th Feb also. Here is the list of valentine day 2019 after 14th Feb. Valentines Week List 2019

Valentines Week List 2019

  • Slap Day 2019: Friday, 15th February 2019
  • Kick Day 2019: Saturday, 16th February 2019
  • Perfume Day 2019: Sunday, 17th February 2019
  • Flirt Day 2019: Monday, 18th February 2019
  • Confession Day 2019: Tuesday, 19th February 2019
  • Missing Day 2019: Wednesday, 20th February 2019
  • Breakup Day 2019: Thursday, 21st February 2019

The entire schedule of Valentine Week with Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss day and other days of love in February that lead up to Valentine’s Day – the most romantic day of the year. List of Valentine week

The above listed are the list of days constituted in Valentines Week. Though the names of the day could be easily understood, it would be better if we go through the significances of each day individually. valentine week 2019 list.

Why Celebrate the Valentine day only for one day. We suggest you celebrate the whole 8 days on this coming Valentine week 2019 Feb. Valentine’s Day seemed to be the expected day throughout the year for the couples, but isn’t it too short to be spent on just a single day? Why no spend it for the whole week? If the relationship is going to last forever why not celebrate each and every day of this Valentine week. So here is the list of Valentine week 2019,

Valentines week 2019

Rose Day 2019:- 

This is the first day Valentine week 2019. And you understand how important is this day. Rose day 2019 is celebrated by giving the roses to your loved ones and telling her that how much you love her/him. So to first the day with a romantic mood, you need to buy the red rose for your partner and share it with your loved ones. In some countries, Red roses are a symbol of love and happiness.

rose day 2019

Propose Day 2019

This is 2nd day of Valentines Week List 2019. Propose day 2019 is celebrated on 8th of Feb. It is also an important day for those loved ones who are waiting to propose to each other. This day is to propose your loved one if you really really in love with each other. There are many ways to propose each other but it should be something unique and happening.  All you need to do is express those three magical words —the “I Love You”. You can also express it in some other fashion but, it must be extraordinary.

Chocolate Day 2019

This is 3rd day of Valentine week 2019. On this day Partner gift there loved ones with so many chocolates. To add the sweetness in the relationship chocolate is the best way to add the sweetness. Chocolate is mostly loved by the girls and ladies. Hence it is said that couples who share the chocolates so much with each other are happier than any other couples. A little bit of chocolate therapy on Valentine week 2019 can do wonders on your relationship. You should know the taste of your loved one well in advance So that you can buy the favourite chocolate of your partner on chocolate day 2019.

Teddy Day 2019

This is the 4th day of Valentine day week 2019. Soft Toys like teddy bear are weakiness of peoples(Especially Girls/ladies). On this valentine day gift them the teddy bear and Girls love to receive teddy bear as a gift and hence, gifting a teddy bear to your partner on Teddy Day leaves a strong impression on your partner. Gift them a miniature version of yourself in the form a cute and charming teddy bear.


This is the fifth Day Of Valentine week 2019. As the Name says the person you love the most and want to be your life partner  You have to make the promise on this promise day. Not the normal promises, but the promises which are to stay together for better or for worse. Taking vows is really really important in a relationship. This day marks the prominence of making unbreakable bonds with the person.

Hug Day 2019

This is the sixth day of Valentine week 2019. On this day wrap your partner with a hug and make him feel that you will never let him go in any condition. Hug your partner when she needs you the most in the bad or worse situation. Because hugging can decrease the bad or worst case in any condition. In my opinion, you should celebrate this day with your parents and siblings as well. Hug them and make them feel that you will never ever stop loving them no matter what.

Kiss day 2019

This is the seventh day of Valentine week 2019. Kiss as the name says its all about smooching and all. On the seventh day start your day by giving her/him a gentle kiss to greet her/him Kiss day 2019. To make it more special kiss her/him in every 10 minutes whenever you get close to her to make her feel special. It is also said that the couples who kiss more lives more because it gives positive energy to hormones. Celebrate this day with your lover in the most awe-inspiring way as possible.

Valentine day 2019

This is the Last and final day of Valentines Week List 2019 and also the most important one. All the work you have done on previous days are rewarded on this day. On valentine day 2019 Couples makes a plan in advance or loved ones surprise there partner by giving them surprise candlelight dinner, Going to a movie or some cafes or on a long drive and enjoy the full day of love(Valentine day 2019). Make your partner feel special on this day and make her fall in love with you millionth time and make her/him feel that love her the most in this entire world.


Valentines Week List 2019
Valentines Week List 2019


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