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A trip to Southeast Asia is one of the most luxurious adventures that you can ever enjoy on the planet. This part of the world is rich in culture that attracts a large number of visitors from all over the world. There are also other pleasant experiences in Southeast Asia that are never found in any other part of the world. You can dine in various tasty street proteins in the area. This is one of the best moments you can get in your travel area with your family and friends.

If you plan to traverse a vast region of Southeast Asia, you must be a hint of the best foods available on local streets. If you finally land in the area, then you know where to solve your favorite delicacy. Below are the most famous street foods in the south
Asia, you can’t afford to miss your adventurous trip to the area.

Balut – Philippines

Balut is another unique street food that you are likely to encounter on the streets of the Philippines. It is essentially a duck embryo that is still in development and is still in the shell. It is eaten in a sip. The inhabitants consider the balut as an aphrodisiac, so only intended for the hard. But it’s a unique dish. Try once to have it and taste its uniqueness.

In conclusion, the above describes the best street food in Southeast Asia are incredibly unique and appetizing. When visiting one of the above regions, make a point of having your favorite. Of course, you won’t regret it.

Banana – Q – Philippines

The people of the Philippines are very proud to enjoy this local evening snack. It is a dish prepared with local bananas called Saba’ and coated with the brown matter. It is then deep-fried then skewered on a stick, just in the same way as grilled meat. This delicious
The bag is always available in all the streets of the Philippines in the evening. It attracts a buzz from the local set to buy.

Pork/Chicken Adobo – Philippines

The people of the Philippines appreciate the taste of this popular dish. When you visit, make sure to join them and have fun just like a local resident in the Philippines. The dish consists of slices of tender meat marinated in soy sauce and vinegar. On the sides of the street, you’ll easily find this dish readily available. Having pork or chicken adobo in your native country is a great opportunity that you can’t easily find again. So take every opportunity to visit the Philippines.

Green Tea Salad – Myanmar

One of the best salads can be with tea when in Myanmar there is green tea salad. It is both unique and popular with the great population of feasting on it. This delicious salad is prepared using marinated tea leaves, tomatoes, peanuts, lime juice, green chilies, and other different sauces. These ingredients make a very unique, spicy, Tangy, saucy mixture. So it’s worth trying every time you get to Myanmar.

Roll Pie – Vietnam

The opportunity to dine on the Roll cake in Vietnam is one and only. Vietnamese suppliers are enough creative to make unique roll cakes using thin slices of baked dough. Never miss a chance to taste or those that are made with pork. Other types are filled with steam rice, which is served with spicy fish sauce, herbs and bean sprouts. You will easily meet moving carts with this delicacy almost everywhere in the streets of Vietnam.

Sticky rice- Vietnam

Vietnam is a country rich in rice dishes prepared in different ways, just to meet your preferences. Sticky rice in the Vietnamese streets has a sweet or salty taste. If you are in Northern Vietnam, you are at the place you deserve to be. You’ll have a great opportunity
to enjoy rice mixed with cooked corn and topped with tasty fried shallots and green mung beans. This form of preparation makes it sweet and more delicious. Depending on how you like it prepared, be sure to enjoy your most delicious sticky rice to the full satisfaction.

Green Papaya Salad -Thailand

Here’s another great opportunity to enjoy the kind of food you’ll find anywhere else. Famously known as Som Tam in Thailand, Papaya Verde Salad is a spicy and tasty green papaya salad. Other ingredients of this delicious meal include shrimp paste and Thai bird chili. You can make Som Tam serve you in Som Tam jay So. Providers can serve you in any version depending on your preferences. However, if you are far from Som Tam, just head to any street and your desire for this delicious meal will come true.

Fried pork from basil – Thailand

This is another great treat, which is considered the basic food for all categories of people in Thailand. It is prepared and served by enthusiastic food retailers in Bangkok. It gives you the opportunity to find the place and taste of this popular dish. It is served with steamed egg AD fried eggs. All you have to do is just mix them up and you will ever nurture that fantastic experience.

Boat noodles – Bangkok, Thailand

Boat Noodles is so common in Bangkok that when you pay for a visit there, you have to have them. Whether you’re in a hurry or not, it’s going to be a great experience. Missing those little soup noodles is like an offense. You should never forgive yourself if you don’t like boat noodles. Boat noodles in this part of Thailand are cultural history in the area. Its name comes from the way they were served in ancient times. They
were served from the huge canal boats in Bangkok. They are served with pig’s blood that gives them a unique creamy texture to find nowhere else in the world.

During your visit to Thailand, be sure to stop at the Victory Monument and have the best Kuay Teow Reua. They will be served to you in its original form.

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