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4 great things to do in Dubai

Over the past 40 years, Dubai has transformed from a modest commercial city into one of the most futuristic and elegant destinations in the world. But in addition to the world’s tallest building and the world’s largest shopping mall, it also has a maze of souks in its captivating old city. Here are four great… Read More »

5 things to do in Delhi, India

Delhi is a city of feature Medieval, colonial-Western buildings, dot lanes, dusty bazaars, and trendy, modern bars and shops. There should be a traveler to India, here’s our Guide to seven spots in this city and terrific.  Lal Quila (the Red Fort) Presiding over majestically over the old Delhi, the Lal Quila (Red Fort), with… Read More »

Things to Do in Valparaiso, Chile

“Valparaiso, what absurdity you are,” the poet Pablo Neruda wrote in his ode to the city he sometimes called home. “What a head of disheveled hills, which you never finished combing.” While the hills and sea views are the most marked natural features of the city, it is the profusion of buildings with bright colors… Read More »

Things To Do In Muscat

The discreet capital of Oman has changed over the past five decades but retains a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere, as well as many reminders of its long and cosmopolitan history. Here’s our guide to the best things to do in Muscat. Muscat offers a pleasant mix of traditional and modern. This once modest group of small… Read More »

Things to do in Mallorca

From its cosmopolitan capital, Palma, its stunning interiors and the jagged coastline of the coast, it is also known as the island of the Spanish archipelago, where you can eat and drink, high mountains, moorland remnants, lonely and beautiful beaches. Here’s our choice of Mallorca. Majorca every year has drawn countless visitors to enjoy the… Read More »