9 reasons why many people started smoking in the past

The sale of cigarettes increased in the 1960s and subsequently drastically reduced.

Tobacco products were once featured in billboards and magazine wraps. Smokers enjoyed taking cigarettes to light anywhere. At one time, pregnant women were encouraged to smoke.

Fortunately, there have been many changes since then – we look at the reasons behind the strange wonder that we started smoking in the days.

1. The torch of independence

Before the 1920s, those who smoke were seen as immoral. The various techniques used to smoke cigarettes and smoking were seen as masculine performances. However, jumping on the bandwagon of the Safranagate movement, the American Tobacco Company was eager to tap into the female market. So cigarette was shown as emancipation and symbol of freedom of women.

2. Social acceptance

In the 20th century, topped the list of cigarette salespeople were allowed to smoke in the office, cinema, restaurants, outside and outside the home. Once women could freely smoke, smoking became a social norm. Teenagers regularly smoke – doctors have also recommended it.

3. Sophistication

Smoking was once considered an act of elegance and civilization. Men looked at lighting suits equipped with suits, while women had long, attractive cigarette holders. Smoking has become a sign of a person’s condition and class. In the 1960s, traders rarely saw cigarettes in their hands. Brands like Virginia Slimes have designed their cigarette to match slightly more than other brands, to match women’s soft and more handsome hands.

4. Celebrity performance

Audrey Hepburn has become a statue of the Black Cigarette holder with attractive, on Breakfast posters at Tiffany’s. People have the desire to become celebrities on a silver screen. Hollywood stars like Rock Hudson, Frank Sinatra, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, and former US President Ronald Reagan were used as celebrity endorsements for various cigarette brands.

5. Weight Loss

Coffee and cigarettes are generally considered to be food for models. Rather than getting food, many smokers will give cigarette light. Scientists, some receptors in the brain, when triggered by nicotine, send chemicals that indicate the brain that the body is “full.” The mind sees food and nicotine as a prize. Smokers are scared to lose weight due to the main reasons unwanted to quit.

6. Medical support

Back in the day, doctors were encouraged to smoke before the risks of smoking were widely known. Some brands, claiming that their cigarette was humble on the neck and tooth, doctors and dentists recommended using it. To encourage pregnant women to treat their pregnancy was encouraged to smoke.

7. Military ones

In many countries, cigarettes are part of military ones, and still, there are. Many cigarette advertisements were targeted for military purposes. The soldiers started smoking to overcome boredom or to meet the war worries.

8. Peer pressure

People who started smoking in the army or who wanted to look sophisticated, people started smoking as a way to bond with their colleagues. They burned cigarettes so that they did not have to go out or be seen as “undo.” This was often the case that teenagers started smoking.

9. Impact on Mechanism

Many people believe that smoking will help them to cope with stress and anxiety. Smoking cigarettes were used as a coping mechanism for many people, especially those who took self-medication instead of seeking expert help.


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