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Most people will take in October for the most magical month. It is autumn season and holidays in October, the time when the harvest is peaked. We cannot deny the fact that even the hot dish of the punched wine is not good enough to comfort the soul on a cold autumn day. One must celebrate the season style, and there are beautiful places to visit this season. Just try to ask different travelers for your favorite sites, and you will be surprised that the season didn’t celebrate any style. What could be the best places to travel in October?

The following is a list of the best places that you must visit before the end of the month.

Wiltshire, England

Don’t let October end without visiting the House and Gardens in Wiltshire. It is one of the most attractive destinations in England. Spending your time here will allow you to get a glimpse of deep reds and bright gold colors. These are some of the colors that make the fall season more attractive.

Also, you will enjoy walking around a vast sparkling lake surrounded by different species of trees. The walk will also expose you to the great sites of mythological statutes and neo classical buildings. Why don’t you spend the season there?

Oregon, United States

Oregon is the best place you can ever visit in the United States. The destination is ideal for nature lovers as it has a wide range of activities that will make your trip enjoyable. The abundant natural beauty not only makes it the most pleasant place during the fall season but also throughout the year. Spend your October here and see the flowing waterfalls as well as the changing colors of the hiking trails. Also, the perfect weather and the fewest crowds are the two factors that will attract you to Oregon.

Jaipur, India

If you want to visit India, this is one of the best places to travel in October, consider traveling to Jaipur. The weather here is optimal temperature; Not Too cold and not too hot. Here you can take some time and explore Bejeweled palaces and elephants. Also, Jaipur offers you Alila Fort Bishangarh, a 5-star hotel in Bishangarh village. It is the most popular luxury hotel in the area.

Banff, Canada

It is one of the best places to travel in October in Canada. This place is always beautiful, especially at the time of demise. This season sees tourists getting less, and the trees change colors. The best experience was to view the beauty of the Great National Park when he was getting on a Bava helicopter tour.

Seoraksan National Park, South Korea

If you ever want to visit one of the best places to travel in October as South Korea, then this garden can be the best choice for you. Here you will enjoy various hiking for different levels of difficulty. The best thing is that the park is easily accessible from Seoul. It makes the best part of your day trip. If you want to celebrate the autumn in style, then love San as you need to visit the destination for you.

Nara, Japan

Much like Nara in its spectacular color comfortably. That is also called one of the best places to go in October to get into the cold weather. And of course, start sweeping in the South since the beginning of October. For those who would like to enjoy seasonal changes, they indeed will find Nara a perfect spot.

While I’m enjoying the fall, you’ll be happy with the trees filled with them. Those trees make the most impressive of their ad to vivid yellow, gold, and red colors. The color here is that the line is the incredible way it is among the shrines. The most beautiful thing is the gorgeous wood-full courtyard from the Tamukeyama shrine.

Mexico City, Mexico

Have you ever heard of a city where the dead are held? If not, then Mexico City will surprise you. The town celebrates the dead on Nov1. However, you will need to have in October to enjoy the full celebration. The celebrations are a feature of rich traditions such as gravestones decorations. People also dress in scary costumes as they parade giant skulls on the streets. Don’t miss these celebrations.

Crete, Greece

Would you like to grab the most extended holiday in Greece in October? Then do not hesitate to stay in Crete. You can still swim comfortably in the sea, even in mid-October.

Also, you can not miss trekking through Samaria Gorge. The temperatures here are more relaxed, so you can enjoy the long hike. These cold temperatures save you from checking your armpits after every ten minutes.

Autumn will soon be here with us, and you will be happy to spend the season in a place you will remember. Why not try any of the above goals? Once you come from these places, you will find yourself for the next season.


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