4 great things to do in Dubai

By | September 6, 2019

Over the past 40 years, Dubai has transformed from a modest commercial city into one of the most futuristic and elegant destinations in the world. But in addition to the world’s tallest building and the world’s largest shopping mall, it also has a maze of souks in its captivating old city. Here are four great things to do in Dubai.

AWE-struck skyscrapers on Sheikh Zayed Road

The largest concentration of Dubai’s outstanding buildings is located on Sheikh Zayed Road, between the “Bypass and Transport Interchange” shopping center No1. Previously the most significant structure on this stretch is the white, 39 histories of the Dubai World Trade Center building lifting to 149 meters at the northern end of the strip. After the tallest building in the Middle East, it has long surpassed the more glamorous structures further down the road.

South of the mall rise the famous tower of the Emirates completed in 2000, which consist of a 355-meter block and 309-meter-high hotel Jumeirah Tauerz. Chapter there to see his slender triangular towers, dressed in silver aluminum from copper and silver reflective glass that delight in the change of Light Desert sun and show dramatic, sophisticated lighting in the night.

To the north and south of the Emirates Tower along Sheikh Zayed Road, the skyscrapers are lined up side by side, offering a general outline of architectural styles ranging from elegantly postmodern to a positively bizarre.

Attractions include the Fairmont Hotel, inspired by the shape of the wind tower and strikingly illuminated after dark; A tower covered with blue glass with Islamic styling and an excellent pointed tip; In 333 thin Dusit-meter hotel Rose is the Regan District, and the hotel is a famous bridge, the perfect outline is reminiscent of the upside. On the opposite side of the motorway is the-white Tower “Chelsea,” with its striking square open at the top, having a vast vertical spike.

West of the No. 1 Interchange, the astounding Burj Khalifa rises as a giant needle out of the center of the development of the magnificent Dubai city center. Opened in early 2010, the tower stands 828 meters tall, making it the world’s most human-made structure. It also boasts a host of other comparisons including the construction with most of the floors (160), the highest mosque (the 158 stories) and the world’s tallest swimming pool (76 levels).

The incredible size of Burj Khalifa and its distinctive tapered outline is elusive close-up – the whole thing is best appreciated from a distance, from which you can adequately assess its jaw-dropping size, and the extent to which it dwarfs around the rise, many of them are structurally significant in their own right.

The easiest way to visit the tower is to take the road trip to the unmistakable, named on top of the observation deck on the 124 floors, although there are 160 floors. Tours depart from the ticket counter in the lower ground floor of the Dubai Mall. Tickets can be pre-ordered online or pre-purchased at the ticket desk. The book is excellent in advance as there tend to wait for at least a week to go up.

Stroll through the gold market

Deira was one of the Old town’s principal districts, who had been dating since the 19th century when the settlers from a Dubai-to-a-year-in- It soon became more important than his older fellow, and now they are both Cosmopolitan. Diera is the city’s best spot to wander through, offering those who do, the chance to discover the unique blend of culture and a seemingly endless array of stores.

Perhaps the most famous landmark in the Deira area is the Gold Souk, the accumulation of streets shaded by a tall roof in the vicinity of Al-Ras. With around 700 stores in general, the Dubai Gold Bazaar has claimed to be the world’s largest, and at the lowest prices, too (expected to bargain), offering a vast range of intricately worked necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and brooches in gold. A magnet for visitors during the year, the market is especially busy for a month-long Dubai Shopping Festival in January, when it becomes a focal event center and Street Entertainment as well as attractive discounts offered by traders during the month.

Visit Jumeirah Mosque

Parallel to Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai’s coastal coastline begins west of the old city center. The easternmost stretch of beach is located in the upscale but unimportant suburb of Jumeirah.

The most famous sight in the district is the stately Jumeirah Mosque, at the end of Jumeirah Road. Built-in the 1970s in medieval Fatimid style, the mosque features two towering minarets, a roofline with delicately carved miniature domes and ornate windows.

And it is one of only a few mosques in the city that are allowed to enter non-Muslims. The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding organizes weekly guided tours with entertaining and informative guides explaining some of Islam’s basic commandments and practices before leaving the ground open to questions. If you’re on tour, you’d expect some nice breakfast options before you start, as well as free copies of the Koran and other information brochures about Islam. There is no need to book, but you should be in the mosque 15 minutes before the start of the tour to buy your ticket outside.

Take a ride in an abra (water taxi)

Despite the obsessive modern technology of modern Dubai, it’s still a charmingly old-fashioned experience to get from one side of the creek to the other in the city center, with a trip in one of the hundreds of small rickety boats. Abras that take the ferry to drive. Between Deira and Bur Dubai. It is a beautiful little journey that offers a magnificent view of the fascinating mess of creek buildings with their entanglements of souks, wind towers, mosques, and minarets. Note that small bumps and minor collisions between boats are every day when docking and leaving, so pay attention when boarding.

There are two main routes of Abra: one of the Metro Deira is the old Abra market (near the Spice Bazaar) in Bur Dubai’s Abra area (at the northern end of the textile market) and the other from Al Sabkha Abra Station (at the south end of Dhow Wharfage in Deira) to bur-Duba I’m Old Market Abra Station (in the center of the textile market). Rates are next to anything.

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