Tetris Effect Game Review


Without context, the basis of the Tetris effect will not stop you in your tracks. It’s Tetris at heart, and it is presented against imaginary backdrops with familiar playfield songs and sound effects that respond to your actions. What that basic description doesn’t tell you is just how powerful a combination of tetrominoes and music can be at the same time. Give your full, undivided attention to the Tetris effect, and you’ll have the same empathy for notes and puzzle pieces and lose yourself in the mess of color and energy prevalent at every stage. To be sure, that’s a high promise, but another way to describe the effect of the Tetris effect is to click finally.

Nevertheless, there are many modes – not a sign of multiplayer, unfortunately – with a basic twist on the standard formula to explore at your leisure, a large part of the Tetris effect occurs in Journey mode. It’s a well-named trip that will take you to recognizable places like the moon, but often in abstract settings that are best defined by a list of adjectives. These dreamscapes can be windy, electric, stressful, haunted, heavenly or crunchy, to name a few. Music in every stage may not always be a predictable pair, but just because you do not see a certain harmony, does not mean it cannot work.

Over time, you will find that the game hooks you to music, but you are traditionally caught to songs that do not fit your music choices. The odds are that you don’t hear chanting in foreign languages ​​or complex heartbeats daily, but the Tetris effect attracts these unusual sounds. It’s hard to tell how these songs feel without having the first-hand experience during gameplay. But when you rewind the pups and puzzle pieces together in time races, they stick with you for a long time. So Don’t Stop playing

Because the Tetris effect is so contagious, once you get into the rhythm of it, it’s tough to put down. Tetris has proven itself to be a highly effective game and has a ceiling of skills that allow it to draw in players who have decades of experience under their belts. Journey mode will increase, but given the spirit of going on an adventure, it will also fall, though rarely for long. Non-linear flow is an integral part of the experience that charges you with expectation and rewards you with relief and is an unexpected benefit to the standard flow of Tetris’ session.

Your progress within a phase often determines the change in tone and pace. Often you need to clear a total of 36 lines (at normal difficulty), with targets along the route indicating the current rhythm. However, you have a tool at your disposal that is designed to pump the brakes and give you the chance to save a potentially catastrophic situation or create a high-scoring combo. The zone capacity can be triggered with a single button press at a time. But when you have received a slight charge in the respective meter, which is fueled by a quarter of each time you clear the eight lines.

As the zones become active, the parts survive rather than fall, and you’ll take your time – allotted by meters – by placing them in your stack. Clean a line, and it will move to the bottom of the pile, ready to be automatically cleared when the zone is discharged. Because the lines continue to “clean up” even when in the region, you can create combos that are clearly beyond the standard four-line Tetris if you are skilled enough. Your line at that level may not count towards the count, but they will give you extra scoring opportunities that would otherwise not be possible.

The new zone mechanic adds an exciting level of fresh strategy for new and PTE players, but more than this new mechanic, it’s a semi-spiritual bond that forms between you and the game that defines the Tetris effect. Although you don’t need a PlayStation VR headset to get a taste, there is no question that the Tetris effect is best played in VR, with headphones loud.

This emotional connection is most evident when playing in VR. Even though the Tetris effect is currently an Epic store, it works with both Oculus and Steam VR. There is much more to be done than just being straight forward, but the point is to envelop yourself in the game, beyond the reach of reality. The result can also be a result of Lashkar in the usual Tetris rounds, but that is the point of the Tetris effect where the entrance dance of falling tetrominoes has reached new heights with a fantastic soundtrack and awe-inspiring scenes. It is as accurate today as it was last year, and with the ability to advance the experience on the PC. So it is well below the best place to experience everything presented by the Tetris Effect.