Team Sonic Racing Game Review


How do you develop a little cart racer? It’s a tough proposition, especially for a genre so lonely that Mario Kart’s dominance is defined by presence. However, Nintendo’s plumber’s traditional rivals have come closest to establishing a vibrant alternative, mainly the 2010 Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing and its 2012 sequel, All-Stars Racing.

That last game, influenced by a robust roster of characters from Sega’s library, transforming vehicles and fun weapons, the sub-franchise has been quiet for the previous seven years – yet. Developers Sumo Digital is back, dropping the vast Sega cast and will focus on Sonic and his human courtship.

While this mainly sticks to the established cart racing formula. Colourful, ferocious tracks, full of obstacles and hidden paths, fantastic power-ups, speed booster ground strips and racers of different weight, speed and handling classes – there are a few jerks to help out. Help The most significant change is in the name: Here, whether you win or lose as a team.

The characters are divided into groups of three, each member specializing in speed, technology or power. For Team Sonic, the blue hedgehog itself is a speed racer, tails are tech, and knuckles are power. Team Amy sees a similar role thanks to Amy Rose, Chao and Big the Cat, respectively. There are plenty of Sonic fans out there, with teams of five, including some exclusive figures from Sonic Lore like Zawakak and Vector.

The next two game looks at some of the weirdest trouble spikes. Starting with a matter of seconds on the timer, you have to score high enough to win medals or collect enough rings. It seems near impossible, the slightest mistake or missed ring means that you run out of time before you achieve the goal. Thankfully, this is usually an alternate race, one with significant strides, so they shouldn’t hold players back but will excite perfectionists. When you upgrade your racers’ vehicles, they also become marginally more tolerant by coming back. But they are subconsciously given away by the loot box casts-style tips, which are purchased with the game credits earned by the game.

Far from the story, Grand Prix tournaments, single session exhibition races. Time trials offer a more traditional single-player race along with the team racing format, eliminating some of the later frustrations that no one enjoys. Unfortunately, if you don’t dig team racing, it’s always at the centre of the game – again, it’s in the name. Combined with the burning of daredevil and ring race challenges, Team Sonic Racing is not as charming as its predecessor.

The group’s approach is the primary genre in the story-driven adventure mode, which sees Sonic and his allies and enemies drawn in a series of races by the dubious Dodon Pa. Tight elimination format, where the last racer is knocked down on each lap; The Grand Prix sees you in first place in four different back-tour races; You have to go through the red and yellow posts to increase the Daredevil points and multiplayer bonuses; In the ring race you have collected Sonic’s familiar gold rings against the clock.