Let’s talk about NEX baby: Vivo’s new super phone ditches the notch.


Let’s get down to business. The highlight and innovative bit about this smartphone is its front pop-up camera. You pause for a moment and imagine it as a marketing strategy, a fancy feature that many people do not want to use; however, is a legitimate innovation for more than one reason.

For starters and apparent reasons, excluding front-facing cameras on the screen means you get more filters. Which means, your device is now truly super-cool, spectacular to watch. When necessary, the camera pops out from the top of the frame and hidden as a camouflaged marine in a war zone, when not in use. The front camera increases on this occasion only when you use a selfie camera. The visual drama is complemented by Sonic Note, reminiscent of a particular Star Wars weapon that needs no introduction. Do you find it? Song. It connects with ‘FlightFabber.’

The including of a pop-up camera with Vivo nex means that the Nex gets an excellent discount. So if you are on the ‘I to Nufftures’ team, this is good news. All screens, no superior.

The soccer field of the screen

The 6.59in screen is not for the small palm. It is a large smartphone, but it is well designed. It’s almost bezel-less, not close to the iPhone X but close enough. There is a slight chin at the bottom, but it doesn’t do much damage. Especially once you set your sights on the stunning OLED screen. Feed full HD video, and you will be improving on visual performance. The colors are stunning, to put layers of pop and black layers lightly. The gorgeous screen means that in addition to watching HD video content, gaming is also a very engaging experience. As you try to provide bleeding-edge graphics with your action, simulation, or any good game, Nex will always impress your senses.

Where is the sound?

If you try to find stereo speakers on the Nex, you won’t find one. Here, the screen acts as a speaker for the phone. It does the perfect job for it, but don’t expect a high-def sensing-sinking experience.

Cameras: Click Click Pop

One of the features of this smartphone is that it has a pop-up front camera, so no height is required on the screen. However, we are not entirely sure of the image we present. Pictures shot on an 8-megapixel snapper were just average. We hope it improves exposure, offers improved bokeh and better color capture, though it wasn’t.

We also thought the camera might be a bit snappy. Things get better than focusing on the rear camera, which offers a sizeable 1.4-micrometer pixel sensor, f / 1.8 hole, and optical and electronic image stabilization. Image effects from the rear camera are impressive when you shoot in daylight and when you shoot in low light.

Interested to buy?
If the battery doesn’t run as you expect, all the top features of a smartphone won’t make much sense. In this case, however, Vivo has worked in a massive 4,000mAh battery, which chugs nicely throughout the day. Keep in mind that there’s a top-grade Snapdragon 845 processor inside, with 8GB of RAM and a well-supported 6.59in screen. Even if you are retired in bed, you will still have some interest in the battery.

Conclusion – Next Gaming Phone?
The Vivo Nex smartphone is the next future generation step. We want the camera to be well hidden, and the screen real estate is not interrupted. However, we hope that the image quality of its selfie camera and the non-screen speaker will improve the overall sound quality. We like the impressive performance and good battery life. Vivo has taken a bold step further here, and we are excited to find out if this pop-up camera will advance the range of smartphones.