How To Save Your Phone From Overheating


Temperatures are high in almost two-thirds of US and Canada this weekend, with some states experiencing well over 100 degrees. Cooling in pools, lakes, beaches, or water parks will not only affect you – but it can also change your phone. Phone batteries and low heat can be a volatile mix. When the internal temperature rises too much, your phone may be best off. At worst, cells can expand to dangerous levels and even cause combustion.

The kind of implementation that will affect Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 in 2016 is rare. The phone shuts itself off when it’s too hot to work, and then you’re left without a working phone. Worse, you might not even realize it.

If your phone displays a warning message if it gets too hot and needs to be switched off, once it cools down, it should be fine again, but it can help you avoid the heat.

Here are some tips to protect your phone in the heat and to avoid that scary warning message that tells you it will stop working.

Keep your phone away from direct sunlight

Now that you know that an overheating cell phone is a real problem, make sure you keep your precious possession away from harmful rays.

If you are at a pool or beach, keep your phone under the towel or lounge in your lounge chair – especially if you are a captain or dip in the pool.

It is a bad idea to leave your phone in hot rays (eg, in the trunk or the glove box) or even in the sunlight rays that can cause internal temperatures to climb from the greenhouse gases. No kidding, the National Weather Service in Omaha has baked biscuits in the car. So forgive the pun, but your phone can be toast.

Limit the use of your phone to the heat – here’s how

If your phone is warmer to the touch than usual, jump straight to the tips below. But if you know you’re about to get out and warm up, take preventive steps to stop tasks you’re not using – Bluetooth, LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, and any apps running in the background.

The less your phone is doing, the less the processor has to run, the less likely it is to get too hot inside.

How to cool an overheated phone if a hot phone comes up

1. Remove the charger cable if you have plugged it in.
2. Move it to a cool, dark place.
3. Turn the phone off to allow the processor to spin completely and cool down.
4. If the case is in one, remove it. It will enable cold air to float around the phone’s metal or glass surface.
5. Blow it in cold, dry air (from your car’s AC, fan or your refrigerator for a short period). It will help the phone’s internal temperature drop down and get it working again.
6. You should always wait for 15 minutes or more before continuing to see if it has cooled enough.

What to do if your battery starts to fade

If your battery ever feels swollen or beads, this could be a sign that your phone is in serious trouble. If it develops cracked edges or begins to drain fluid, do not touch it with your bare hands.

Use gloves or any other cover to put it in the bag and move it to a safe place, for example, the concrete floor or metal baking tray in the center of the garage, in case it comes under fire or catches it.

Contact your carrier or device maker immediately for customer service support. Don’t try to use your phone. As we said before, this situation is infrequent rare, so follow the practical precautions to keep your device cool even in the hottest days.

Do you have any personal tips or horror stories to share? Tell us your stories in the comments below.

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