Battle for the Grid: Power Rangers Game Review


It looks like it has the potential to be a great game, but it still has a way to go. Fighting in the battle for the grid can be fun, but it’s hard to play a game for any length of time without feeling like it’s lost something.

Developed by En Way Games, the studio that created Power Rangers Legacy Wars for iOS and Android. Power Rangers: Bat for the Grid is a fighting game on three that uses tag-team tag mechanics. nWay partnered with Hybros and Lionsgate to bring the game to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

The Grid for War is based on the origin story of the creators of the popular Power Rangers comic book series! Studio. The problem, though, is that there is no story. Arcade mode of the game depicts seven battles with no show or display of any kind. The player advances to the next fight in just one fight and can complete Arcade mode in about thirty minutes. Credits Once the final boss, Lord Draken, defeats the evil version of the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger. Since there is no story, the player can only know who this character is. So if they read his short bio in his character selection screen, or if he has previous knowledge of events in the comics or legacy battles.

The story is not the only area of ​​the game that seems unfinished. The Lunch Roster comes with only nine characters. The various abilities and playstyles of the nine heroes and villains make for some fun combinations, but unfortunately, the small number of combatants doesn’t allow enough combinations. Another problem with the roster is the introduction, which extends to only four generations: Mighty Morphin, Galaxy, SPD and Super Mega Force. The Battle for the Grid was marketed as a game that celebrates 25 years of Power Rangers history, but it’s hard to keep that promise when it leaves too much.

Power Rangers: The Guttle for the Grid would have done an excellent job of bringing these few fan-favourite characters to life if they had at least included voice acting. Battle for the Grid is a quiet game as no character speaks to each other, and as a result, it looks imperfect and cheap. The game runs smoothly and without errors in place of local and multiline multiplayer and play online play. Players can compete online in “casual” or “rank” matches, after which players will be able to prove themselves by beating the CPU three times before being matched against human opponents.

The “Assistant Takeover” mechanic, for example, is a simple yet fun addition to the tag-team gameplay. In most games, players switch characters by pressing or holding the button, but this works a bit differently in the battle for the grid. To change the attitudes, the player must first press the “Help” button. When the tag-team partner is called, the player will touch the same button again, causing the partner to stay on the screen and take the place of the character. The player takes control of the partner in the same position where he was the standing stand when the button was pressed. It is where the fight gets more interesting because, with this ability, players can strategically turn their characters into just the right moment.

The bat for the grid is trying to be the best Power Rangers game ever, but even with its budget release of $ 19.99, it is far too shallow for its minimal content offer fur. DLC Game will add new characters and skins in the future, but the game currently features only five arenas and, visually, it rarely meets expectations with its graphics. Those are other areas of the game that require improvement and depth of depth compared to any Triple-A fighter on the market.