On Asking the “Will You Marry Me?” Question

When it comes to popping out that " will you marry me? " Question, each of us has varying tastes. Some may not mind having the proposal in the company of strangers or even a whole mob in a very public place. Other people, on the other hand, may be more inclined to have this moment with their loved one alone, or probably with only a few selected family and friends. It's really important to plan a proposal that will suit you and your partner's personalities. Here are more tips to consider when planning your engagement proposal.

To do it publicly or privately? That is the question.

There is really no definite answer to this question. Like what's mentioned earlier, it's important to consider your particular preferences. Depending on how you look at it, there are benefits and disadvantages to both places. If you're doing the proposal in a very public place with a cheering crowd, for instance, how sure are you that she will say yes? Or even if she did, there's also the possibility that she just felt pressured. This may also become uncomfortable if it does not prefer being directly or emotionally exposed to a large crowd. If you do not prefer too public or too private locations, you always have the option to do it semi-privately. This means that you set up an intimate setting for just the two of you, enjoy the moment for a while, and then share the news to your waiting family and friends later on in a small celebratory party.

Pick a location that has a special significance to the both of you.

A lot of people get too caught up in picking the most romantic location to stage the proposal in. While one can easily be captivated by the beauty of a place, it's also ideal to pick a location that holds some kind of symbolism for your lives as a couple. This will also help you plan more creatively – think of ways on how to make the proposal more romantic and ideas on how to use the location to set the romantic ambiance.

Keep it a surprise.

Having the element of surprise always gives a high level of excitation and anticipation for this special moment. Plan the proposal with a trusted friend or even her closest friend if you must, but make sure to keep it a surprise as much as possible. Also ensure that you're not too much obvious. Work around your regular routines so there's less chance of her noticing that you've been cooking something special.

Final note: Always remember that there are no perfect engagement proposals. Those proposals with a mob you usually see in television or movies may just be too overrated. What you need to consider the most is how you can plan a proposal that will be memorable and catered specifically to your partner's personality and personal taste.

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