Creating The Right Atmosphere for Love and Forgiveness in the Home

Love and forgiveness are the dual essentiality in an ideal home, the principle of love and forgiveness are embodiedes of a true and happy family because without them the goals and objectives of marriage is defeated. The radiation of love among different individuals in the family determines how they share and pursue their different desired priorities without personal aggrandizement. The members of a family in oneness pursue their goals at nobody's expense, devoid of pretence or deceit. Forgiveness of errors committed in the cause of realizing these goals and objectives are easily implemented without discord among family members; as mutual understanding of each other's weaknesses and abilities is enforced. A perfect understanding understands as everyone knows that they all possess a non-perfect nature; hence they struggle to attain perfection through delicious efforts.

Offences that are the products of human weaknesses and imperfections are bound to manifest in family. Therefore, the family must be prepared to make up for what is lacking in any member's life to keep a fulfilled home. Bear in mind that there is no perfect human on earth, we as human have our different human limitations that we strive to cover by all means possible. One should be careful not repay evil for evil, but do what is right to everyone if possible. On the contrary what is obtained in non-ideal families is the use of different weapons to avenge the error committed in such families. For instance, husbands abnormally use their economic powers against their family needs, while wives use the withdrawal of sexual responsibilities as a tool; children are not left out as they use stubbornness and disobedience to repay any wrong in the home. This pattern is extremely wrong and divisive for homes; it is an abuse of divine laws and order. Understanding the strong and weak points of a family will help them improve on their good qualities, bad qualities must be eliminated while the family thrives to gather more momentum in enforcing their good qualities so as maintain a healthy and vibrant home where love reigns supreme.

Love and forgiveness in homes are the bedrock of peace and harmony in the outside world since the informal training and education acquired in the home lead to the fear of God. Family members must be mentally stimulating to each other, engage more in sensitive discussions and decisions. They should plan together; enjoy both relevant and irrelevant conversations with each other. Family interestought to be similar since they will be together always and have a strong sense of mental soundness among all members of the family. Mental soundness help make the right decisions and choices that are capable of dealing with issues affecting the family while carrying all members along.

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