How To Win Love Back? – Three Interesting Answers

Love is one of the best emotions a human being can experience. So, naturally, when the love does not last and is replaced by a break up, then the emotional impact will be strong too. The feelings will be all the more intense if the break up happens suddenly, with you having sensed no sign of its coming. But the surprising development could have the pressure bought in by outside forces for your getting back together with your ex. This still leaves you with the question: How to win love back? I will discuss three interesting answers to this question, in this article.

Be honest in your words and deeds:

Many people try to be smart by putting on an act. They feel that they can impress their ex by feigning some emotions or reactions. More often than not, this will backfire, leaving you humiliated. What more, you will be pushed back in your efforts and you will find it very difficult to pursue your goal. Being truthful will always get you some respectability and credibility. Telling your ex of your real feelings will do you more good than harm. If your ex is going to reject you because of knowing what they can expect from you and what you can not, it is better to accept the position rather than create a false impression first and pay a price for it later.

Learn to be enthusiastic and encouraging:

One of the reasons for partners to break up is the divergence of interests and tastes. You should show genuine enthusiasm for whatever your ex is interested in. I am not suggesting that you feign an interest, which will go against the grain of my first point. It is always possible to show some interest in what the other person is interested in, if you have genuine love for them. You can be frank in admitting that you have no interest in the subject but that you appreciate your ex's interest in it. You can encourage them in their pursuit by saying things which will cheer and motivate them.

Be Dependable and Reliable:

Being dependent means that your ex can expect you to help them or support them, whenever required. Being reliable means that you are trustworthy. You will not mislead or misguide the other person. These qualities are very essential in any relationship. In simple terms, this means keeping your word, not even forgetting to do what you have promised to. You can establish your reliability and dependability through a series of simple actions.

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