How to Go Down on a Woman and Make Her Love It

If you are a sexually active man, you have probably had a time where your attempts to pleasure the woman you love end up fruitless. Often, she leaves you for a man who can pleasure her in all the right ways, while you may either blame yourself for a lack of skill, or blame the woman for being frigid. Some of you may have realized that women respond better to clitoral than vaginal penetration, but are still mystified when you still fail over and over again to pleasure her. You probably overlook very simple techniques, which when implemented will make your woman beg for more.

Most of the time, in the heat of the moment, men just "wing it" and rush hop that intuition will carry them through. This is equivalent to a surgeon trying to "wing it" while performing heart surgery, as facilitating a woman requires as similar amount of delicacy to avoid disastrous results. One understood, but misguided mistake men often make is immediately trying to stimulate the woman's clitoris. They forget that unlike men, women need effective foreplay before becoming aroused, only then licking her clitoris be effective. Before even touching any part of her vulva, you should make sure to arouse her, especially by TAKING YOUR TIME in your foreplay, and enjoying it as a part of the sex rather than a boring prelude. Be sure to cares her beasts gently with your tongue, taking care to avoid biting them. Also, do not forget that you can use your hands as well! Be sure to use them to assist in your foreplay, as well during cunnilingus.

Another factor that, if you are not careful, women will talk about behind your back, is personal hygiene. You should be well groomed anyway, but, being poorly groomed in the bedroom will kill your chances not only with the woman you are currently seeing, but future women that she may talk about you to. Generally, you should be sure to be shaven, as stubble or hair can make cunnilingus very unpleasant for the woman. It does depend on the woman, but if you do not know her well, it's generally better to shave. Although obvious, you should also not neglect the importance of avoiding smelling unpleasant. Just because you have not personally received any comments regarding your smell does not mean that it could potentially be a limiting factor. Use good cologne and shower frequently to avoid encountering this problem.

Lastly, you should spice it up by keeping it interesting! It should not be the same mechanical routine every time. Remember that women love variety, and you do not want her to think "oh, this again. If she does, there's a good chance that she is going to be looking for more excitement, often from another man. Use variety in where you start in your foreplay, as well as consider the entire vulva when going down on her, not simply the clitoris. Give each part special attention rather than trying to suck all of them at once.

The main mistakes that befall most men when trying cunnilingus are a lack of care in foreplay, bad hygiene, and robotically monotonous sex. Avoid these mistakes, and you'll be a master of cunnilingus.

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