Love Yourself – You Are Worth It

A common theme with a lot of my clients is that they do not love themselves. When they look in the mirror, they are disappointed by what they see, so are not motivated to make positive changes because they simply think, "Why bother?" They have often had years of spreading themselves or struggling with their weight so have given up.

This was very true in my own situation. I had spent 20 years fighting myself around food and body image. Always on a diet, watching what I ate, my weight yo yoing up and down all over the place. I certainly did not love and trust myself, especially with food, so I tried to control myself instead. Correspondingly in 1996 I was diagnosed with Depression and Bulimia and was very unhappy and completely lacking in confidence.

However, then I learn to eat naturally and along with that came the ability to love and trust myself again. The key element of eating naturally is to be "mindful" of what your body wants and needs. To do this we simply need to listen to it. Often however we have lost our ability to listen as we stumble along by habit, which becomes very difficult to change. Once we decide however that we are worth it, then we can listen because we want to make positive changes in our lives.

Some key ways to love ourselves with food are:

  • Eat when our body tells us it is hungry
  • Eat exactly what our body wants
  • Stop eating when our body is satisfied
  • Give ourselves love in other ways surrounding food.

These are the four principles of Natural Eating and all of them are loving and empowering because you are eating out of natural instinct rather than habit or restriction or confusion. You are tuned into your body and responding to it's signals which gives you confidence. Once you realize that you are the only person who can make the right choices about what your body wants and needs, you can then trust yourself to do so.

It is not loving, to starve and deprive ourselves, go without our favorite foods or feel guilty for enjoying something delicious because it's not healthy. This is what trying to be healthy by dieting forces us to do.

So I encourage you to decide you are worth it today, and love and trust yourself by learning how to eat naturally.

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