Christmas Flowers for Christmas Day!

December 25 is marked in your calendar as Christmas day. We often have a month long preparation for the coming of this event. We decorate our homes with lots of Christmas ornaments and play loud music of Christmas carols. Flowers and plants have played a particular role in this holiday season. They come from varying kinds, colors, and designs.

Examples of Christmas flowers are poinsettia and winter rose. These are the most famous flowers used during this season. We are at times confused of which would best fit our taste, having the real ones or the fake one.

Pros and Cons of Having Real or Fake Christmas Flowers

1. Real Christmas flowers are costly.

They are subjected to getting discharged and will not last long a period of time. After all that, having real Christmas flowers is most recommendable during the big day – the Christmas day itself. Ornamental Christmas flowers on the other hand provide you a lasting beauty. They're not prone to dry and very cost effective.

2. Real Christmas flowers have the natural scent which adds to their beauty while fake Christmas flowers has to be given scents just for it to smell good.

3. Real flowers needs a lot of time for maintenance while fake Christmas flowers do not require such high maintenance.

Poinsettia Flowers are the best to represent Christmas. That is why it is very important that you have the knowledge of how to take good care of this kind of flowers.

Tips on How to take Care Poinsettia Flowers

In choosing for a perfect poinsettia flowers, consider the following:

1. The plant should be a small, compact knotted buds placed in the center.

2. The plant should be undamaged, brittle and dazzling.

3. Do not display your plant on crowded locations.

In keeping your poinsettia blossoming, you must:

1. Water the plant appropriately. Remove excess water on the saucer.

2. Keep the plant on the right temperature. This will enable to prolong the color of the plant.

3. Keep the plant away from hot or cold breeze. Protect it from cold air.

If you're on cost cutting, you could create your own ornamental flower with resources you have at home. Here's how to create a Christmas flower on your own.

1. Get a picture of your desired Christmas flower. This would at least give you an idea what kind of materials you'll need in creating your own Christmas flower.

2. Find some used carton, coloring materials, scissors, glue, wire, ribbons and other necessary things you'll need. You could also consider recycling old Christmas decorations.

3. Make a pattern of your desired Christmas flower, and then carefully cut it.

4. Color the pattern with your desired coloring materials. This maybe with the use of oil pastel, crayons, or water color.

5. Attach it pattern with the use of glue and / or wire.

6. Fix the design in a more appropriate form.

7. Add some accent to the flower by putting a ribbon or glitters on it.

8. You can put it in a flower pot or vase.

Remember: Christmas flowers need not to be expensive. Creating your own design is more beneficial and at the same time, it is a good family activity. Open your mind to vast imagination and create a craft that you could have some be proud of.

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