Reasons Why People Fall Out of Love

Do you find yourself deeply and madly in love with your partner? Do you ever think that at one point she'll fall out of love? Would it destroy you seeing her not in love with you?

Yes, it really hurts when someone fall out of love with you. It feels like it's killing you. But you must understand that not everything in this world is permanent. Today she loves you, tomorrow that may not be the case. Actually there are various reasons why falling out of love is happening.

Most of the time it happens when there are young couples who both are dreaming about forever and future. Remember that the love you feel may be the what we called "puppy love". It may not be for real or forever. Your focus may change as you are getting older.

Another case is when there are incompatibilities or frequent misunderstandings. As the days go by the love may be lost or just fade away. And if it is not fixed the soonest time it may lead to break up. But what else could be more painful than seeing your love one not happy with you anymore. The purpose of the relationship is being together with your partner, happy and growing. There may be no guarantee once we start to love. But you must be responsible of all your actions.

Remember a true love should not be fading away. But a real love has to be worked at all time. Know the different ingredients of a happy and healthy relationship. However, if you think it does not work and if the love of your partner is already gone. Then maybe it's time to wake up your mind, learn to overcome the pain. And one day you'll see your much happy and complete without him.

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