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Happy Hug Day 2019 is celebrated on 12th of Feb. It is the sixth day of valentine week. A hug is a simple way of showing love and affection. Hug day is celebrated by every age group of people and it is celebrated by lovers, friends, sisters, brothers, parents and everyone. Hug day 2019 is celebrated with giving hug to each other and making their relationship more warm and healthy. It is celebrated whether a person is near or far. Lovers who live far can send messages to there loved ones on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform. They can send images, wishes, Quotes, Shayari, SMS etc. Giving your lover a tight hug squeeze them and make them feel so much you love them, and you will never ever stop loving no matter what the condition is. Hug Day 2019 is celebrated all over the world, but before it was celebrated in the western country only. Happy Hug Day Images 2019, Happy Hug Day Wishes 2019, Happy Hug Day Quotes 2019, Happy Hug Day SMS 2019

Hugging someone with love brings natural feelings of love and care. It also decreases health disease and thus reducing the chronic heart diseases by reducing the hormones cortisol level in blood. If someone hugs a person for 20 seconds it brings a lot of happiness and love towards each other. By hugging it makes the person feels relax and comfortable after getting hugged by the loved ones. Happy Hug Day 2019


Happy Hug Day 2019

You Can also hug your parent’s brother or sister. Because whenever you need your parents or brother or sister for the help they will always help you no matter what the condition is. Because the love bond between you and your family member is always at the next level. When you are in trouble just hug your mother or father tightly and tell you all trouble. You will feel relax and comfortable in your parent’s arms.

So If you are in pain and you need healing then healing each other’s pain is the best part of loves life. So to heal someone you just have to hug that person and let him/her melt in your arms. As we know, quotes are the best way to express our feelings, emotions and thoughts. Therefore, most of the lovers always think of sending the best Hug Day quotes to their loved ones.

Happy Hug Day Quotes 2019

Well, this day is not only for lovers exclusively but also for your friends, family etc. You can hug your friends to show your gratitude towards them. Well if we talk about lovebirds or couples specifically, then this is a very special day. Impress your bae with our awesome collection.

Love is a circular emotion that surrounds you, like a hug. Or a noose

I can melt all your pain, said the hug! Happy Hug Day 2019!!

A hug is a handshake from the heart. Happy Hug Day 2019!

Sometimes it’s better to put love
into hugs than to put it into words.
-Unknown Happy Hug Day 2019

If you’re angry at a loved one, hug that person.
And mean it. You may not want to hug
which is all the more reason to do so.
It’s hard to stay angry when someone shows
they love you,
and that’s precisely what happens when we hug each other.
Walter Anderson Happy Hug Day Quotes 2019

When my arms can’t reach people Who are close to my heart, I always hug them with my prayers. May God grant you What your heart desires and keep you happy. Happy Hug Day!!! Happy Hug Day Quotes 2019

A hug is a perfect gift- one size fits all and nobody minds if you exchange it. – Irvin Ball Happy Hug Day Quotes 2019

Never wait until tomorrow to hug someone you could hug today,
because when you give one,
you get one right back your way.

Hugs are the universal medicine.

Happy Hug Day Wishes 2019

H- happy feelings shared U- universally warm & fuzzy G- great 2 give & 2 receive S- sure 2 make anyone’s day I hope this “HUG”. Makes your day brighter. Happy Hug Day Wishes 2019!!

Your hugs and kisses are like the stars that light up my life when things get dark. Happy Hug Day Wishes 2019

Do you know? There is one gift which can’t be given Without taking it back? That is why I give you hug Which can’t be giving without taking it back. Happy Hug Day Wishes 2019!

Love is a wonderful feeling when you have someone to hug you.
Thanks for being there.
Happy Hug Day Wishes 2019

A sweet friend is like a pillow When you are tired you sleep on it When you are sad you drop tears on it When you are angry you punch it & When you are happy you hug it. Happy Hug Day Wishes 2019

No matter where you are I’ll always find my way to Hug you tight and shower you with my kisses. I love only you! Have a Nice Hug Day!

When things are not fine between us a hug is all I need from you.
Happy Hug Day!

Hugging to any sad person may
Make him happy a lot
Just like I forget my all problems
After seeing you, my dear.
Happy hug day…….

Happy Hug Day SMS 2019

What the heart gives away is never gone, But kept in the hearts of others, From dusk to dawn. Hug you from the core of my heart. Happy Hug Day SMS 2019!

There is a warm hug where you are A shoulder I can lean on Tenderness, Warmth, Smile, Happiness In short, where you are there is Everything I can dream of… Wishing my sweety a beautiful and joyful Hug Day….Happy Hug Day SMS 2019

A hug is a handshake from the heart. So always remain close to my heart and best wishes on this Hug Day. Happy Hug Day!

A hug is the best gift you can give
It fits all
And nobody ever minds
If you return it
Happy Hug Day. Happy Hug Day SMS 2019

A long tight hug from you
Would be perfect right now.
Happy Hug Day 2019, Darling!

Worrying about life may reduce strength,
So, instead of worrying,
Always hug the life as it is with a nice smile at face.
Happy hug day……..Happy Hug Day Quotes 2019

No matter how far apart we are, I know I’ll always find my way back to you, hug you and shower you with my kisses. Happy Hug Day! Happy Hug Day Quotes 2019

You are so special to me. There is nothing better than having you as a friend to share Hug Day with! Thank you for making my day. Happy Hug Day Quotes 2019

Never hold up until tomorrow to hug somebody you could hug today Because when you give one, you get one. Happy Hug Day! Happy Hug Day Quotes 2019

Regardless of where you are, I’ll generally discover my path to hug you tightly and shower you with my kisses. I cherish every moment spent with you. Happy Hug Day! Happy Hug Day Quotes 2019

Happy Hug Day Shayari 2019

 हम को हमी से चुरा लो
दिल में कहीं तुम छुपा लो
हम अकेले न हो जाये दूर तुमसे
पास आओ गले से लगा लो
hug day Shayari

Mujhe Baahon Mein Bikhar Jaane Do
Apni Mushkabaar Saason Se Mehek Jaane Do,
Dil Machalta Hai Aur Saans Rukti Hai
Ab Toh Seene Mein Aaj Mujhe Utar Aane Do!!!
Hug Day Pay Ek Hug To De Do!hug day Shayari 

सुना है…हग-डे पर
अपने प्यार से कसकर गले मिलकर
उसका हाल चाल पूछा जाता है. हाँ तो फिर Dear…❤️
कब आ रहे हो हमारा हाल चाल पूछने.. .wish U hug day Shayari 

एक ही तमन्ना, एक ही आरजू…
बाँहों की पनाह में तेरे….
सारी जिन्दगी गुजर जाए…Happy Hug Day Dear

इतना ना तड़पाओ मेरे दिल को,
इतना ना सताओ मेरे बाहों को,
इतना ना छुपाओ तेरे प्यार को,
आग दोनो तरफ़ लगी हैं..आओ ले लो मुझे अपनी बाहों में..

लग जा गले यह रात फिर न आएगी
किस्मत भी हमको शायद फिर ना मिलाएगी
बाकी है बस चंद सांसे इस दिल में
रूह भी ना जाने कैसे तेरे बिन रह पाएगी
hug day Shayari

Happy Hug Day Images 2019

Happy Hug Day 2019

Happy Hug Day Images 2019

Happy Hug Day Images 2019

Happy Hug Day Images 2019

Happy Hug Day Images 2019

Happy Hug Day Wishes 2019

Happy Hug Day Images 2019

Happy Hug Day Images 2019

Happy Hug Day SMS 2019

Happy Hug Day SMS 2019

Happy Hug Day Quotes 2019

Happy Hug Day SMS 2019




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