Christina Farr tries with Keyto device to track progress

Ketogenic dieting has become a favorite pastime of Silicon Valley techies who wish to crack their bodies to improve levels of energy and performance. The particular regimen involves eating foods that are full of excess fat and some protein, while keeping carbohydrates to a minimum.

The purpose of ketogenic diets is to get body to a state calld “ketosis, ” which requires keeping carbohydrates to less than five pct of daily calorie intake. Once that happens, the body can burn stored fats as opposed to just lately eaten carbs, resulting in a buildup of stomach acids called ketones within the body.

Some critics say “keto” is definitely another crash diet, like Atkins or Whole30, but others rave about the benefits associated with being in ketosis, starting from weight damage to increased energy.

Ketones can actually be scored in the blood, the urine and the inhale, which is how many people on the diet figure out if their carb restriction is having an impact. But computing it through blood or urine is somewhat much for some.

So Keyto, a new start-up in the room, aims to make it easier for those on ketogenic diets in order to their body’s transition into ketosis by simply blowing into a device. It was founded by Ethan Weiss, a cardiologist at UC San Francisco, and past Weight Watchers vice leader Ray Wu.

Weiss offered me the possibility to become a member of the beta program and get early access to the device, as We have long been curious about the keto diet. I had created heard from advocates of the diet, including Weiss, that it can help with afternoon energy slumps, which sounded appealing. I actually often feel tired in the middle of the day, and rely on caffeine or a sweet snack to continue.

Weiss provided me with a device that resembles vivid orange breathalyzer to determine if I’m in ketosis. I also downloaded the Keyto app, which I actually used to find foods to determine if they’re keto-friendly or not.

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