10 world’s most relaxing destinations

By | August 31, 2019

Are you ready to relax? Here we look at the designated places around the world to choose from. Now from quaint colonials and chilled out Beach resorts to virals and mountain lakes – which are severe teams as the world’s most relaxing destinations.

The purpose of the holiday is to disconnect from everyday life and detach. But when it comes to recharging our batteries, an action-packed route can be too much. Don’t worry; we’ve discovered 10 of the world’s most relaxing destinations. From tropical islands to laid-back urban landscapes, here’s the final list:

The Maldives

There is a reason why the World Spa Awards named the Maldives as the best spa destination on the planet: where you pamper is concerned; this dream place takes the cake. Composed of coral atolls in the aquamarine waters of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is home to hundreds of tropical islands, each more spectacular than the previous one. To relax at its best, Kuramathi Maldives is a luxury resort with a spa offering treatments based on traditional Asian therapies, as well as pristine beaches and a dive center. Meanwhile, the sumptuous Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives on North Malé Atoll offers luxurious bungalow accommodation in a beautiful island destination complemented by exquisite cuisine and a tranquil spa.

Tulum, Mexico

One of its main sights known as Paradise Beach. It is a small wonder that Tulum in Mexico’s Caribbean coast makes our list of the world’s most relaxing destinations. The Playa Paraiso is separated with palm trees, white sand, which remains relatively quiet and looted despite its rich beauty and tranquil crystal clear water. Guests can spend time swimming and snorkeling before enjoying cold drinks and authentic Mexican dishes at the bars and restaurants on the beach.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is easily one of the hottest places in Thailand and attracts endless visitors with its glittering beaches and relaxed atmosphere. But that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the most relaxing destinations. Phuket can be a place to relax. The northernmost part of the west coast of the island includes the extensive section of Hat Mai Khao beach, which is part of the protected Sirinat National Park. Its secluded location makes it one of the quietest on the island, with golden sand and clean water. Leave yourself at destinations like Anantara Layan Phuket Resort in the south, where you can enjoy luxurious villa accommodation, upscale restaurants, and pristine beaches.

Langkawi, Malaysia

Lovers of the great outdoors can get their travel solution to the Langkawi Archipelago, a Malaysian destination known for its stunning limestone cliffs, lush greenery, and breathtaking natural geological formations. It is the first geopark in Southeast Asia. Which is full of biodiversity that you will find it difficult to find elsewhere (the imposing mountains and the roads of complex caves are nothing less than paradise).

Ubud, Bali

Author Elizabeth Gilbert chose Bali to round off the famous Eat, Pray, Love journey. We cannot say that we blame him.

“Ubud, Bali is one of the most peaceful and relaxing places on earth,” says Jon, owner of a luxury villa in Ubud. “There are a few places that can discreetly balance the relative modernity and quality of the infrastructure with quiet, peaceful, and natural beauty.”

He also touches Bali’s numerous top-class accommodation, spas, and Retreats — perfect for some introspection and soul search.

‘ You can get love, adventure, rest and enlightenment in Ubud, Bali. It is a rightful place on the list of the most relaxing destinations on Earth. ‘

Galle, Sri Lanka

The city of Galleon Sri Lanka’s southwest coast is perfect for the traveler looking for some luxury and a relaxing place. One of the most perfectly preserved period pieces in Asia, the colonial fort of Galle dates back to the period of domination of the city under the Dutch, who seized Galle from the Portuguese in 1640 and spent the next 150 years beautifying and strengthen the city. Their work remains evident in the streets of low-band colonial villas, many of which are now home to delightful shops, making the city an excellent destination for shopping and quiet walks.

Bagan, Myanmar

Travelers looking for a remote adventure and a down-back discovery would be right by adding Bagan to their list of the most relaxing destinations. You might be familiar with this city in Myanmar with iconic images of waterproof hot balloons gently floating over ancient, gold-dipped pagodas and temples. The balloons over Bagan offers flights where you take the charcoal, bird-eye views in a poor rural area, which is a hiding fool and blurry, jagged peaks of distance.

Dead Sea, Jordan

Jordan’s year-round sunshine means that you can always experience the Middle East Café Culture in the capital of Amman before you travel to Wadi Rum’s breathtaking desert landscape. The free Dead Sea cobalt in the waters is natural because they are so heavy salt and oils, but the tasty beauty treatments in one of the luxury minerals are the experience has not been missed. You can pamper yourself with therapies from rejuvenating natural mud wraps, clean up milk baths and Dead Sea salt peel, which use local water to peel your skin, leaving you fully updated.

Mendoza, Argentina

One of the largest wine capitals in the world, the Mendoza wine region in central-western Argentina is a must-see for fans. Just a 90-minute flight from the capital Buenos Aires, there is plenty to enjoy here besides Malbec. Located at the foot of the Andes mountain range, architecturally striking wineries such as DiamAndes and Zuccardi in the Uco Valley and Lagarde in Luján de Cuyo serve delicious lunches paired with wine, which can be enjoyed in lush gardens overlooking Green vineyards while enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Built-in the 15th century, the church on the island of Bled is a famous landmark of Slovenia. Tradition says that for couples who marry here, the groom is to carry the bride from the dock before the church bell rings for good luck. Weddings aside, this goal is just as charming (and peaceful) as his image suggests.

“I was lucky enough to travel to many different places around the world, but by far the most relaxed of all was Lake Bled in Slovenia,” says Tom Brown of Shiply.com. “While traveling through Europe with friends, we stumbled across this oasis, and I still have a clear memory of the tranquility of the lake and its surrounding landscape. One of our days there, where we rode our boat in the middle of the lake. When the sun went down behind the mountains, and to this day, I have never been as relaxed as I was then!”


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